January 26, 2019

Remote Support

Here you will find the needed remote support applications so your live agent can connect and assist you further. Please download the one appropriate for your operating system and/or platform.

Please select from the list below the appropriate operating system your device uses. Then follow the instructions shown in that box below to continue.

Please follow these instructions to proceed.

1) Click the download button below and save the file to your desktop

2) Once downloaded you will need to open the file which was saved to your desktop.

Double click the file to run it, and when prompted by windows security control, select Yes. (you may be prompted to allow network access, click Allow Access to proceed if this happens)



3) Now you will see a window that looks like this. Please take the ID number and password shown and provide this to your support specialist.


4) Await a response from your support agent as they connect to your system remotely. Once you close this program, we will lose access so please do not close it until the session is finished.

Guide is being revised, however you can still download the support app via the button below. Check back soon for further details.

Please download the app from the Play Store found here and provide your ID and password to your support agent

Please download the follow app from the iTunes App Store and provide your ID and password to your support agent.

Please speak to your support specialist should you require further assistance. You can also request an emailed link to these file by emailing us at contact@alltechsolutions.ca