June 14, 2017

Business PC Services

Thanks to the advancement in technology, businesses have seen increases in productivity, efficiency, profits and even in advertising reach. Social media, search engines and online marketing are still industries that many of us do not understand yet utilize everyday!

This is where we will be able to provide an amazing solution to any of these needs and more. We can take your local business, create your digital footprint and increase attention to your business without even having to lift a finger! Having an up to date website that is device responsive is crucial, and using the latest coding languages and fastest possible servers will ensure an excellent impression to your clients, as well as many other factors that need to be taken into consideration when marketing your business online.

Computer Repairs

When the computers in our businesses fail to function correctly, this can cause losses in many areas and can slow production down. These are things many businesses account for, and is why many hire on full time I.T staff to resolve such issues However, these issues may not occur often enough to justify hiring such an individual, and so contracting this type of work out may suit your business needs better.

We are able to provide reliable service with extremely fast on site arrival times and at prices lower than our competitors. Our technicians are friendly and often return to the same clients they've received before, because building a lasting friendly relationship with our clients is important to us as well!

So when your business needs help fixing those pesky computers, you know who to call!

Networking & Hardware

Most businesses utilize a computer for some function or another, be it for office management, a point of sale system, security cameras, inventory management, printing or other. When you have one or more computers or computer peripherals (printers, routers, cameras, etc) in your place of  business, that means you have network. These networks make every day tasks function easily and makes communication between your systems simple. However, modifying an existing network or adding new devices to it may not always be simple and can cause more issues than it may resolve.

These types of office networks are very touchy and any minor change that is done incorrectly could cause issues elsewhere in the network. We strongly urge our clients to leave these things to either their own I.T personnel or have a professional I.T service provider come in and aid you.

Our technicians have extensive experience in working with small business to enterprise type networks. We've worked with many big name clients and have ensured smooth network upgrades and migrations. We are sure we will be able to do the same for you!